10.07.1975: Assembled in Long Beach, planned for China Airlines but not taken up and registred N8704Q for Douglas

10.1975: Re-registred N54640

23.02.1977: To British Caledonian (Robert Burns - The Scottish Bard), G-BEBM

14.04.1988: Merged into British Airways (Sherwood Forest)

07.1991: To Industrial Bank of Japan and leased back to British Airways

22.10.1998: WFU and stored in at London-Gatwick

Hours / cycles accumulatzed by 22/10/1998: 86870 / 16328

????: To Finova

18.12.1998: Leased to Gemini Air Cargo (Chase) and ferried to Naples for conversion to DC-10-30F (AF)

1999: Converted to DC-10-30F(AF)

02.07.1999: Re-registred N608GC

19.12.2003: To DAS Air Cargo

20.12.2006: Returned to unknown (!) lessor, N811SL

2007: To VarigLOG, PR-LGO

01.11.2007: Delivered to VarigLOG in full colour scheme


later -30F(AF)



3 CF6-50C2

Photo from Taxiways collection

#214 in the colours of British Caledonian

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Photo by Thomas Millard

All British Airways DC-10 had only this colour scheme as they were phased out shortly after the new one was introduced.

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Photo by Ray Harvey

#214 overnight in Mumbai-Sahar (November 1999) - now in service with Gemini Air Cargo

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