22.08.1975: Assembled in Long Beach

02.10.1975: To Air New Zealand, ZK-NZR

18.12.1982: To International Lease Finance Corporation, F-GDJK and leased to Linhas Aereas de Mocambique

09.1991: To Equator Leasing and leased to Linhas Aereas de Moçambique

09.1991: WFU and stored at Paris-Le Bourget

27.05.1992: Returned to Equator Leasing and leased to Air Martinique

09.1993: Returned to Equator Leasing

10.12.1993: Leased to AOM French Airlines, F-GNDC

????: To AOM Finance SA and leased back to AOM French Airlines

10.06.2000: Operated for Aerolyon

2000: Returned to AOM

22.09.2001: Merged into Air Lib

17.11.2002: WFU and stored in Chateauroux

2004: Broken up in Chateauroux




3 CF6-50C2

Photo from Taxiways collection

LAM (Linhas Aereas de Moçambique) operated this single DC-10 in the 1980s (Must be somewhere in northern Europe due to the weather...).

Photo by Rob

AOM uses the DC-10 mainly on routes to French Polynesia or the Caribbean. #213 is here in St. Maarten with a special colour scheme

Click here to see more photos in this AOM scheme

Photo from A. Köhler collection

Here, #213 has just an unsusual logo on the rear fuselage

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