13.11.1973: Assembled in Long Beach

29.05.1974: To VARIG, PP-VMA

????: To Global Aircraft Leasing and leased back to VARIG

02.1999: Sub-leased to AVENSA

03.1999: Re-registred YV-51C

????: WFU and stored in Miami

23.08.2000: To Pegasus Capital Corporation, N940PG

17.07.2001: Leased to Avensa, YV-69C

2002: Ferried to Rio de Janeiro for a C-check, to be made operational for Santa Barbara Airlines

24.01.2003: Returned to Pegasus, N940PG

14.05.2003: To Santa Barbara Airlines, YV-1052C

2005: WFU and stored in Caracas

13.12.2005: Ferried from Caracas to Roswell, NM




3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Martin Steiner

#133 flew only two years in VARIGs new colour scheme, before it went to Avensa. Here it is in Zurich in August 1997.

Photo from Taxiways collection

Some years after the demise of VIASA, AVENSA started transatlantic services with a pair of DC-10-30, continuing the venezuelan DC-10 tradition.

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Photo from Andrew Tenny
via Ken Fielding

#133 in the colours of Santa Barbara Airlines in Madrid on September 30th 2003.

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