20.11.1973: Assembled in Long Beach (planned registrations: F-BTDD + F-BTDE)

18.01.1974: Leased to UTA, N54639

07.10.1983: To UTA, F-BTDE

21.12.1992: Merged into Air France

01.03.1993: Leased to AOM French Airlines

????: To Batide Bail and leased back to AOM French Airlines

22.09.2001: Merged into Air Lib

25.11.2001: WFU and stored at Paris/ Orly

2003: Ferried to Charleroi

2003: Ferried to Chateauroux




3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Luis Goncalves

Although only UTA ordered DC-10s in France, this is a country where many DC-10s have been operated by a lot of airlines. Beside UTA, also Air France, Minerve, Aerolyon, Air Liberté and AOM (and its ancestor Air Outre Mèr) operated this aircraft type. #134 was once part of europe's largest fleet of DC-10s.

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