29.04.1975: Assembled in Long Beach

07.06.1976: To Air New Zealand, ZK-NZS

03.1978: Leased to Malaysian Airline System

08.1978: Returned to Air New Zealand

01.04.1979: Leased to National Airlines (85)

29.10.1979: Returned to Air New Zealand

28.06.1982: Leased to LAN Chile (Santiago, 101), CC-CJS

08.07.1986: Returned to Air New Zealand

01.08.1986: To ILFC - International Lease Finance Corporation and sold to SAS - Scandinavian Airlines System (Rurik Viking), SE-DFH

04.10.1986: Leased to Scanair

30.03.1987: Returned to SAS

10.10.1990: To Electra Aviation and leased to Air Outre Mer (Turqoise), F-ODLY

11.08.1991: First time seen with West African Air titles, leased from Air Outre Mer

1991: Returned to Air Outre Mer

01.03.1992: Merged into AOM - French Airlines

05.10.1999: To AOM Finance SA and leased to AOM French Airlines

05.05.2000: Re-registred F-GTLY

22.09.2001: Merged into Air Lib

2002: WFU and stored in Tel Aviv

2002: Back in service

06.02.2003: WFU and stored after Air Lib ceased operations

2003: Ferried to Havanna, currently in derelict conditions

17.10.2005: To Societé Normande d’Entreprise SARL




3 CF6-50C2

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