17.05.1976: Assembled in Long Beach

02.08.1976: To Malaysian Airline System, 9M-MAS

????: To KL Lease and leased back to Malaysian Airline System

03.1996: To World Airways

08.1997: WFU and stored in Mojave, California

12.1997: Planned for Transmile as 9M-TGA but not taken up

????: Re-registred N301FV

????: To Transasian

????: To Finova

????: Converted to DC-10-30F (AF)

13.05.1999: Leased to DAS Air Cargo, N800WR

30.04.2000: Written off after overshooting runway into Victoria Lake in Entebbe (0 killed / 7 survived)


later -30F(AF)



3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Ralph Kunadt

A large number of DC-10s found its way to MAS / Malaysia Airlines via the Hadj sub-charter, but #228 came directly from the manufacturer and flew almost 20 years for the malaysian flag carrier.

Photo by Miguel Snoep

#228 in DAS Air Cargo colors landing in Amsterdam/Schiphol on July 19th 1999

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