12.01.1979: Assembled in Long Beach

21.03.1979: To Laker Airways (Californian Belle), G-GSKY

02.1982: Repossessed by Mitsui & Co.

22.02.1982: Leased to British Caledonian Airways, G-BJZE

01.03.1983: Transferred to British Caledonian Charter

27.10.1985: Transferred to Cal-Air International

07.12.1988: New name: Novair International

04.05.1990: Transferred to Rank Organisation

07.11.1990: WFU and stored in Waco, Texas

30.11.1992: To ILFC - International Leas Finance Corporation, N591LF

12.1993: Converted to DC-10-10F (AF)

09.12.1993: Leased to World Airways

02.04.1994: Returned to ILFC

04.1994: WFU and stored in Dotham, Alabama

05.08.1994: Leased to Federal Express (Garrett)

17.10.1994: Re-registred N40061

28.09.1995: To CIT Leasing Corporation and leased to Federal Express

????: New name: FedEx

????: Name removed


later -10F(AF)



3 CF6-6D1A

Photo by Ken Fielding

G-BJZE taken at Liverpool on Grand National Race Day 09-Apr-83 in the original B.Cal scheme before they took on the 'Charter'.

Photo by Ken Fielding

#272 in Las Palmas in November 1987 - now in Cal Air colours

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Photo by Ralph Kunadt

The same aircraft on a ski charter flight in March 1989 in Zurich

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