23.11.1977: Assembled in Long Beach

07.03.1978: To World Airways, N103WA

07.1982: To MDFC - Mc Donnell-Douglas Finance Corporation and leased back to World Airways

18.04.1986: Sub-leased to United Airlines (3056)

05.1986: Re-registred N1856U

????: To United Airlines

????: To Finova and leased back to United Airlines

03.02.2001: Last service for United Airlines

04.02.2001: Returned to Finova

2001: WFU and stored in Marana

22.07.2005: To Cielos del Perú

2006: Re-registred OB-1812T

DC-10-30F (CF)



3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Frank Schaefer

#248 wearing United Airlines' old colour scheme. The photo was taken in San Francisco in July 1988

Photo by Joe Pries

A beautiful shot from #248 during its last years in service with United Airlines. N1856U is here taking off from Las Vegas in March 2000

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