09.08.1978: Assembled in Long Beach

08.12.1978: To JAT - Jugoslovenski Aerotransport (Nikola Tesla), YU-AMA

29.12.1989: To Intercredit Corporation and leased back to JAT

22.07.1992: Repossessed by Intercredit Corporation and sold to Credit Agricole, F-GNBB

07.1992: WFU and stored at Paris Le Bourget

10.11.1993: Leased to Express One Air International, F-OKBB

06.09.1994: Returned to Credit Agricole

23.09.1994: Leased to Shabair of Zaire

12.1994: Returned to Credit Agricole

21.12.1994: Leased to Air Liberté, F-GPVE

????: To Aviation Investor Service

17.09.1996: Leased to Continental Airlines, N37077

2001: Last service for Continental Airlines

23.09.2001: WFU and stored in Mojave




3 CF6-50C1

Photo by Greg Drawbaugh

The first DC-10 in Yugoslavia was YU-AMA which served with the state carrier until the demise of the multi-ethnic state.

Photo by John Kelley

#259 is seen here in full Express One colours with its french registration F-OKBB in Toronto on February 26th 1994.

Photo from M. Maibrink collection

Shabair of Zaire was one of the lesser known DC-10 operators. #259 is seen here in their colours in Brussels in September of 1994.

Photo by Miguel Snoep

#259 in Amsterdam on August 22nd 2000

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