23.08.1978: Assembled in Long Beach

23.10.1978: To Singapore Airlines, 9V-SDA

18.09.1981: To Wardair Canada (Sir Stan MacMillan), C-GFHX

28.04.1988: To GPA Group

02.05.1988: Leased to Canadian Airlines International (914)

31.03.1989: Returned to GPA Group and leased to Minerve, F-GGMZ

1991: Operated flights for Air Martinique and Air Guadeloupe, Air Martinique titles on port side and Air Guadeloupe titles on starboard side

01.03.1992: Merged into AOM French Airlines

17.11.1994: Returned to GPA Group

15.06.1995: Leased to TAESA, XA-SYE

????: Sub-leased to Dominicana de Aviación

07.1996: Returned to TAESA

????: To TAESA

????: To Finova Capital

05.01.1997: Leased to Premiair, OY-CNO

Hours / cycles accumulated by 05/01/1997: 60640 / 14838

02.1998: WFU and stored in Copenhagen

21.04.1998: Sub-leased To Airtours International

01.09.1998: Transferred to Airtours International

25.03.1999: Re-registred G-BYDA

01.05.2002: New name: MyTravel

11.2004: WFU and stored in Manchester

06.05.2005: Ferried to Kemble

05.2005: Broken up in Kemble, UK

Aircraft was intended for Air Scandic and FlyGlobespan.com in 2004/2005 but was not taken up




3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Olav Rhensius

Singapore's first DC-10 with "California, here we come!" titles in Zurich in October 1979.

Photo by Frank Schaefer

#260 in Amsterdam.

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Photo by D. Herforth collection

One of the first Minerve DC-10s was #260 (Orly, 08/1989)

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Photo by B. Fleischmann collection

Although TAESA titles and colour scheme are still visible, the aircraft flies for Dominicana de Aviación.

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Photo from Ken Fielding

The only series -30 operated by Airtours International was #260. Here its is still with its danish registration at Manchester on September 13th 1998.

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Photo from Paulo Carvalho

#260 in Faro in August 2002 with MyTravel titles and logo, but still showing traces of the old Airtours International colour scheme

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