14.06.1979: Assmebled in Long Beach and registred N137C for Douglas

05.10.1979: To Citicorp Leasing Nederland, PH-AAK and sold to VIASA, YV-137C

01.1997: Stored in Caracas as VIASA ceased operations

08.1998: To Iberia, EC-GTD

09.1998: WFU and stored in Madrid

????: Back in service

27.11.2000: WFU and stored in Madrid

29.11.2002: Ferried to Malaga

12.2002: To Firstport International

27.06.2005: To unknown company (?), N8094Z

20.07.2005: Ferried from Mobile, AL to Greenwood, MS

To be broken up




3 CF6-50C

Photo from Taxiways collection

#290 with the old colour scheme. Note the position of the titles and cheatline as well as the seven stars which are a national symbol.

Photo by Frank Schaefer

VIASA's DC-10s, such as #290, were familiar in Europe in the 1990s (FRA 1994).

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Photo by Olav Rhensius

#290 in Madrid in September 2000

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