06.06.1979: Assembled in Long Beach

29.08.1979: To Singapore Airlines, 9V-SDE

27.03.1980: To VARIG, PP-VMZ

13.01.1992: To Mc Donnell - Douglas , N518MD

16.04.1992: Transferred to MDFC, N114WA and leased to World Airways

20.04.1993: Sub-leased to Garuda Indonesia

10.07.1993: Returned to World Airways

07.1993: Sub-leased to Garuda Indonesia

20.07.1993: Returned to MDFC and leased to Bangladesh Biman, S2-ADA

26.01.1994: Returned to MDFC

08.1995: Converted to DC-10-30F (CF)

10.1995: Leased to Aeroflot Russian International Airlines, N524MD

Hours/Cycles accumulated by 01/12/2001: 66310 / 15594

2002: Returned to Boeing

04.04.2002: Ferried from Nimes-Garons to Zurich, WFU and stored

31.05.2002: Ferried from Paris/ Le Bourget to Victorville

????: To Miami Leasing

19.11.2004: Leased to Arrow Air


later -30F(CF)



3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Carsten Jorgensen

Aeroflots DC-10-30 normally flies long-range freight services from Moscow, but here it is seen in June 1996 in Frankfurt.

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Photo by Michael Carter

Former Aeroflot DC-10-30F sits in Victorville awaiting its destiny - whatever it will be... (10/01/2003).

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