23.12.1977: Assembled in Long Beach

01.05.1978: To American Airlines, N128AA

15.02.1999: Leased to Hawaiian Airlines

2001: WFU and stored

????: Back in service

06.01.2003: Last service for Hawaiian Airlines from Honolulu to San Francisco

07.01.2003: WFU and stored in Mojave

Hours / Cycles accumulated by 07/01/2003: 79316 / 24850

16.01.2003: Returned to American Airlines

10.02.2003: To FedEx

28.02.2005: Re-registred N564FE




3 CF6-6K

Photo by Michael Carter

This new DC-10-10 sits outside Building 80 at the Douglas facilities in Long Beach. Note that the aircraft still wears its protective ambertech finish, and the landmark sign "Fly Douglas" later changed to "Fly DC Jets"

Photo by Rob

#250 at DFW's south bridge 1998

Photo by Don Boyd

This DC-10 was one of the last to be retired by Hawaiian Airlines. Here's #250 in Los Angeles in October 2002.

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