13.06.1978: Assembled in Long Beach

04.08.1978: To World Airways, N105WA

07.1982: To Connecticut National Bank and leased to World Airways

01.05.1986: Sub-leased to United Airlines (3058)

06.1986: Re-registred N1858U

????: Returned to World Airways, N105WA

1991: Sub-leased to Malaysian Airline System

????: Returned to World Airways

????: To United Airlines, N1858U

????: To Finova and leased back to United Airlines

04.02.2001: Returned to Finova

17.02.2001: WFU and stored in Marana

2004: To Royal Netherlands Air Force, T-255

To be fully operational in 2007

DC-10-30F (CF)



3 CF6-50C2

Photo from Jasper Scheffers

Traces of the United Airlines colour scheme are still seen on this DC-10

Photo by Jasper Scheffers

#255 back in the Netherlands after being refitted for the Royal Netherlands Air Force in Italy.

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