07.09.1978: Assembled in Long Beach

31.01.1979: To Singapore Airlines, 9V-SDC

18.03.1982: To CP Air (Empress of Rome, 908), C-GCPJ

12.01.1986: New name: Canadian Pacific Airlines

26.04.1987: Merged into Canadian Airlines International

????: To General Electric Capital

12.1996: To Continental Airlines, N6857X

05.1997: Re-registred N35084

????: To FSBU Trustee and leased to Continental Airlines

02.12.2000: Last service for Continental Airlines

11.12.2000: Repainted into Hawaiian cs

12.12.2000: Sub-leased to Hawaiian Airlines

20.12.2000: First service for Hawaiian Airlines

19.06.2001: Ferried to Manchester for overhaul

17.07.2001: Ferried to Los Angeles and back in service

17.05.2002: Last service for Hawaiian Airlines from Honolulu to Los Angeles, WFU and stored in Los Angeles

28.06.2002: Ferried to Goodyear

2003: Broken up at Goodyear




3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Frank Schaefer

Short before leaving Canadian Airlines, #261 is seen here at London/ Heathrow in 1996.

Photo by Rafal Szczypek

When #261 came to Continental Airlines, it was already 18 years old.

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Photo by Chris Coduto

#261 in Hawaiian color scheme in San Francisco in February 2001. In the background is one of the DC-10s painted in special "70 years" colors to cleberate the airline's anniversary.

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