29.05.1979: Assembeld in Long Beach

10.07.1979: To Air Afrique (Niamey), TU-TAN

23.02.1995: To Tutane Ltd, F-GTDG and leased to AOM french Airlines

05.1995: Sub-leased to Garuda Indonesian

06.1995: Returned to AOM French Airlines

????: Sub-leased to Garuda Indonesia

11.04.1997: Returned to AOM French Airlines

31.07.2001: Returned to Tutane Ltd.

01.08.2001: Ferried from Paris/Orly to Nimes, WFU and stored

23.01.2004: Ferried to Marseille

25.01.2004: Ferried to Toulouse for preparation for Sud Airlines

????: Re-registred N997GA

06.01.2005: Ferried to Opa Locka for scrapping




3 CF6-50C

Photo by Ralph Kunadt

#288 in the times when it flew for Air Afrique linking the capitals of West Africa with Europe

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Photo by Ken Fielding

AOM's DC-10 fleet contained all three former Air Afrique DC-10s. #288, the last one, is seen here in Sydney on January 5th 1999.

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