07.05.1980: Assembled in Long Beach

21.07.1980: To British Caledonian Airways (Robert the Bruce - The Scottish Warrior), G-BHDI

14.04.1988: Merged into British Airways (Forest of Ae)

12.07.1993: WFU and stored in Manchester

07.09.1993: Back in service

02.1999: WFU and stored in Manchester

01.07.1999: To Cargo Lion and ferried to Venice to be converted to DC-10-30F (AF)

1999: Re-registred LX-TLD

11.1999: Converted to DC-10-30F (AF)

16.02.2000: Delivered to Cargo Lion as DC-10-30F (AF)

03.2000: Operated for Lufthansa Cargo

2000: Operations for Lufthansa Cargo ended

28.06.2001: Ferried from Luxemburg to Nimes for C-check

31.07.2001: Leased to DAS Air Cargo

30.08.2001: Re-registred N402JR

????: Re-registred 5X-JCR

01.09.2006: Returned to unknown lessor (!)

06.09.2006. Leased to Arrow Air, N450ML


later -30F(AF)



3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Ken Fielding

#327 in Manchester in July of 1985

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Photo by Miguel Snoep

#327 operated by Cargo Lion in an all-white color scheme. The photo was taken in Amsterdam on January 13th 2001

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