15.05.1980: Assembled in Long Beach and planned for National Airlines but the company was integrated into Pan Am

06.08.1980: To Pan Am, N84NA

29.04.1985: To United Airlines (3355)

08.1985: Re-registred N1855U

28.06.1989: To Wilmington Trust Company and leased back to United Airlines

12.09.1995: To United Airlines

????: WFU and stored in Las Vegas

Hours/Cycles acumulated by 01/06/2001: 62 818 / 15 016

07.02.2003: To Alliance Materials LLC for scrapping

2004: Broken up in Las Vegas




3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Don Boyd

#328 in the colour scheme Pan Am used until the early 1980s. The photo was taken in 1982 in Miami.

Photo by Frank Schaefer

Like many onther airlines, United operated the DC-10-30 on long-range routes where the 747 was not profitable. (SFO 07/1988)

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Photo by Michael Carter

United's N1855U holds short of Rwy 25R at LAX in June 1999

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