21.01.1973: Assembled in Long Beach and first flight

06.02.1973: To Alitalia (Galileo Galilei), I-DYNA

27.12.1982: To Mc Donnell - Douglas

04.1983: Re-registred N3878P

15.12.1983: Leased to Aeromexico

05.1984: To CIT Corporation, leased back to Aeroméxico and named (José Maria Morelos)

13.06.1989: To GPA Group, XA-RIY and leased to Aeroméxico

18.04.1991: To CIT Leasing Corporation and leased to Aeroméxico

14.06.1994: Returned to CIT Leasing Corporation, N17084

01.04.1995: Leased to Skyjet Antigua, V2-LEH

13.04.1995: Sub-leased to Okada Air of Nigeria

1995: Returned to Skyjet

30.05.1996: Leased to Excalibur Airways

26.06.1996: Returned to Skyjet Antigua

11.1996: To CIT Group

20.12.1996: Leased to TAESA, XA-TFM

03.1997: Returned to CIT Group

02.03.1997: Leased to Continental Airlines, N39081

24.04.2000: Returned to Newark due to engine problems shrotly after take-off

2001: Last service for Continental Airlines

30.09.2001: WFU and stored in Mojave

07.06.2002: Ferried to Roswell for scrapping

2004: Broken up in Roswell, NM




3 CF6-50C2R

Photo by Frank Schaefer

Runway 30 approach in Miami, December 1989.

Photo by Miguel Snoep

#75 in Amsterdam on March 20th 2000

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