03.06.1976: Assembled in Long Beach and registred N19B for Mc Donnell - Douglas

28.10.1976: To Pakistan International, AP-AYM

28.10.1986: To Canadian Pacific Airlines (912), C-FCRD

26.04.1987: Merged into Canadian Airlines International, fleet-number retained

16.10.1991: To Potomac Capital Investment Corporation, N31208

05.11.1991: Leased to VASP, PP-SOV

19.11.1992: Repossessed by Potomac Capital Investment Corporation, N6150Z

????: WFU and stored in Marana, Arizona

30.10.1993: Leased to Canadian Airlines International, C-FCRD

09.12.1994: Sub-leased to Aero Perú

15.02.1995: Returned to Canadian Airlines International

????: Named (Pride of Canadian)

30.12.1999: To Fleet Capital Corporation, lease to Canadian continues

11.01.2000: WFU and stored

18.02.2000: Ferried to Abbotsford, Canada

2000: Re-registred N306FV

16.06.2000: Ferried to Marana

Hours / cycles accumulated by 16/06/2000: 72763 / 18707

29.06.2000: Returned to Fleet Capital Corporation

09.2001: Converted to DC-10-30F(AF)

????: Ferried to Goodyear and planned for DAS Air Cargo but not taken up

22.09.2005: To Centurion Air Cargo

13.12.2005: Ferried from Goodyear, AZ to Miami, FL on delivery to Centurion Air Cargo

2006: WFU and stored in Miami


later -30F(AF)



3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Frank Schaefer

Short before being transferred to CP Air (in exchange for 747-200s), #229 is seen here in Frankfurt.

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Photo by Ken Fielding

#229 with traces of its former VASP colour scheme, repossessed from the brazilean carrier by the Potomac Capital Investment Corporation. It was overhauled by FLS at Manchester in Jun/Jul-93 before being leased again to Canadian Airlines. (MAN 29/07/1993)

Photo by Frank Schaefer

"Luv these colours ..." - #229 at London/Heathrow in 1996

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