03.04.1981: Assembled in Long Beach and registred N13627 for Douglas

29.06.1981: To Mexicana (Maya), N10045 (Planned registration: XA-MET)

1992: Renamed (Mazaltepic)

15.06.1993: Leased to Aeroperú (Señor de Sipan)

20.08.1993: To MDFC, leased back to Mexicana and sub-leased to Aeroperú

20.09.1994: Returned to Mexicana

09.1994: WFU and stored in Mexico City

24.05.1996: To Aerocancun, XA-TDI

????: To BCCI

24.12.1997: Leased to Sun Country Airlines, N154SY

07.03.2001: Last service for Sun Country Airlines, WFU and stored at Minneapolis/St. Paul

05.07.2001: Ferried to Victorville

Hours / Cycles accumulated by 01/12/2001: 44574 / 22627

2002: Broken up in Victorville, CA




3 CF6-50C2F

Photo by Frank Schaefer

Most of Mexicana's DC-10-15 flew with an US registration like seen on #357 in San Francisco in July of 1988.

Photo from Greg Drawbaugh collection

#357 flew for Aerocancun in the mid-1990s

Photo by Thomas Millard

Nice shot of #357 in the colors fo Sun Country Airlines

Click here to see more photos in this Sun Country Airlines scheme

Photo by Michael Carter

The remains of #357 in Victorville, CA (31/03/2004). The TriStars, 727s and 747s in the background are awaiting a similar fate.

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