24.01.1981: Assembled in Long Beach

30.06.1981: To Aeroméxico (Anahuac), N10038 (planned registration XA-AMM)

????: To Wilmington Trust Company and leased to Aeroméxico

26.03.1998: Returned to Wilmington Trust Company

07.1998: Re-registred V2-LBF

08.1998: Leased to Skyjet

11.09.1998: Re-registred V2-SKY

02.1999: Sub-leased to Saudia

05.1999: Returned to Skyjet

01.03.2000: Sub-leased to Cameroon Airlines

04.2000: Returned to Skyjet

2000: Sub-leased to Galaxy Airways

????: Returned to Skyjet

26.01.2001: Sub-leased to Saudia

10.04.2001: Returned to Skyjet

Hours/Cycles acumulated by 01/06/2001: ca. 41 000 / 15 000

20.11.2001: WFU and stored in Maastricht

05.04.2002: Ferried to Nimes

2002: Leased to Aerowings

2002: New name: Astra Airlines

12.12.2002: Sub-leased to Air Mali

????: Returned to Astra Airlines

09.02.2003: WFU and stored in Opa Locka




3 CF6-50C2F

Photo by Jorge Rocafort

This colour scheme was the last one to be applied to an Aeromexico DC-10.

Photo by Andrew Abshier

Skyjets DC-10s are wet-leased to a large number of airlines all over the world. Here is #358 in Brussels, flying for Saudia in the Hadj season of 1999.

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Photo by Luis Gonçalves

A rare photo: #358 in own Skyjet colors at Oporto in July 1999

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