25.11.1980: Assembled in Long Beach and planed for Egyptair but not taken up

????: To Chemco International Leasing

30.07.1984: To Zambia Airways (Nkwazi), N3016Z

03.12.1994: Returned to Chemco International Leasing

12.1994: WFU and stored

????: To Sky Leasing Inc.

12.03.1996: Leased to Monarch Airlines, G-DMCA

27.10.2001: Last service for Monarch Airlines

09.11.2001: Returned to Sky Leasing

2001: WFU and stored in Manchester

11.2003: Broken up in Manchester




3 CF6-50C2

Photo from M. Maibrink collection

#348 in Johannesburg in April 1992

Photo by Paulo Carvalho

A beautiful shot of #348 at the sunny airport of Faro in April 2000

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Photo by Ken Fielding

#348 on May 16th 2002 in Manchester. This ex-Monarch aircraft was later broken up and its nose displayed in Manchester's airport viewing park.

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