18.01.1982: Assembled in Long Beach and registred N1004A for Douglas

13.01.1983: To Mexicana (Itzaccihuatl), XA-MEW

08.1985: To GATX, N1004A and leased back to Mexicana

05.09.1995: Returned to GATX

1995: WFU and stored in Marana, Arizona

19.07.1996: To Skyjet Antigua (El Coyote), V2-LER

01.09.1996: Damaged on ground accident in Brussels

11.1996: Back in service

02.1997: Leased to Air Afrique

1997: Returned to Skyjet Antigua

1997: Operated for Tunisair

1997: Returned to Skyjet Antigua

1997: Operated for TransAer

1997: Returned to Skyjet Antigua

1997: Operations transferred to Skyjet

????: Re-registred OO-HPN

????:Re-registred V2-LER

1998: Operated for Air Afrique and Ghana Airways simultanously

1998: Returned to Skyjet

1999: Leased to Saudia

1999: Returned to Skyjet

1999: Re-registred OO-HPN

07.1999: With "Guinee Airlines" titles

16.07.1999: "Guinee Airlines" titles removed

????: Re-registred V2-LER

01.03.2000: Leased to Air Gulf Falcon

04.2000: Returned to Skyjet

27.06.2000: To FSBU - First Security Bank of Utah, N9053N and leased back to Skyjet, transferred to Electra Aviation

2000: Renamed (Gerhard Mercator)

08.2000: Planned to be registred SX-CPH, but not taken up

2000: Re-registred SX-CVP

19.01.2001: Leased to Nigeria Airways

Hours/Cycles acumulated by 01/06/2001: ca. 35 000 / 19 000

2001: Returned to Electra Aviation

12.11.2001: WFU and stored in Manchester

06.12.2001: Back in service

20.06.2003: WFU and stored after Electra's license was withdrawn

Aircraft is stored in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire




3 CF6-50C2F

Photo from A. Köhler collection

#372 in its own colors. Since this aircraft came to Skyjet, it has been wet-leased to various carriers.

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Photo by Paulo Carvalho

Here's the aircraft landing on runway 28 of Faro in May 2001 - now with Electra Airlines

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