11.03.1982: Assmebled in Long Beach and first flight

01.04.1982: To Swissair (Uri), HB-IHO

03.06.1992: To Polaris Aircraft Leasing Corporation, N83071

01.09.1992: Leased to Continental Airlines

31.05.2000: WFU and stored in Mojave

19.09.2002: Ferried to Roswell for scrapping

19.12.2002: Returned to Polaris Aircraft Leasing Corporation, aircraft remains stored

2004: Broken up in Roswell, NM




3 CF6-50C2B

Photo by Ken Fielding

The backbone of Continental's long-range fleet during the restructuring was the DC-10! Here is #371 in Frankfurt on July 22nd 1998.

Photo by Rob

#371 stored in Mojave, seen on August 27th 2001

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