2000 - now

Photo by Thomas Millard
Now, in the early 21st century, FedEx is the largest DC-10 operator with almost 100 aircraft which is around the half of the worldwide operating DC-10 fleet. One of them is seen here arriving in Houston in August 2004.

April 30th 2000DAS Air Cargo's 46955/ 228 overruns the runway in Entebbe and skiddes into Lake Victoria.
December 18th 2003FedEx's 46600/ 4 burns out. The crew lost control of this MD-10 after the aircraft's right main landing gear collapsed. It was the second oldest DC-10 in service by that time.
April 28th 2004Centurion Air Cargo's 48277/ 354 was lost in Bogotá after overrunning the runway.
Today, over 30 years after the first DC-10 made its maiden flight, many DC-10s are still in service. For further details, read "DC-10s today" or take a look at the statistics.

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