21.06.1972: Assembled in Long Beach

14.07.1972: To American, N116AA

06.01.1994: WFU and stored in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hours / cycles accumulated by 06/01/1994: 66427 / 24566

17.02.1994: Ferried to Los Angeles, leased to AMR Aircraft Sales & Leasing and sub-leased to Hawaiian Airlines

Hours / cycles accumulated by 17/02/1994: 66430 / 24567

27.02.1994: First service for Hawaiian Airlines

06.01.1999: Returned to American and stored in Tulsa

16.04.1999: To FedEx, N544FE

16.04.1999: Ferried to Goodyear to be converted to MD-10

Hours / cycles accumulated by 16/04/1999: 81910 / 28032

16.05.2002: To Aviation Management Systems for scrapping

2002: Broken up at Goodyear after being assigned to MD-10 program




3 CF6-6K

Photo by Olav Rhensius

#48 arriving at San Juan de Puerto Rico in October 1989

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Photo by Rob

When #48 left Hawaiian Airlines in 1999, it was already 26 years in service. Here it is still flying in Hawaiian Airlines colours.

Photo by Michael Carter

#48 is stored at Goodyear Municipal awaiting conversion to MD-10. Unlike other ex-AA aircraft, it has remains of a Hawaiian Airlines color scheme (GYR 19/07/2001)

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