14.06.1972: Assembled in Long Beach

26.10.1972: To Laker Airways (Eastern Belle), G-AZZC

11.1979: Leased to Malaysian Airline System

1980: Returned to Laker Airways

05.02.1982: WFU and stored when Laker ceased operations

07.10.1982: To Capitol Air, N902CL

31.01.1983: To International Air Leases and leased back to Capitol Air

11.05.1983: Returned to International Air Leases and leased to Arrow Air

10.1983: Re-registred N902JW

1984: Sub-leased to Dominicana

1984: Returned to Arrow Air

03.1985: Sub-leased to World Airways

09.1986: Returned to International Air Leases

02.04.1987: To American Airlines

21.10.1987: To United Aviation Services

01.01.1988: Re-registred N52UA

20.01.1988: Leased to Spantax

07.04.1988: Returned to United Aviation Services

05.1988: Re-registred N102UA

26.05.1988: Leased to World Airways

12.1988: Returned to United Aviation Services

20.06.1989: Leased to Mexicana

29.12.1989: To Ostlandske Stenexport A/S, leased back to United Aviation Services and sub-leased World Airways

1990: Sub-sub-leased to Malaysia Airlines

10.1990: Returned to World Airways

12.08.1991: Returned to United Aviation Services

10.1991: WFU and stored in Marana, Arizona

04.06.1992: Sub-leased to Scibe Airlift Zaire and sub-sub-leased to European Airlift

20.12.1992: Returned to United Aviation Services

15.05.1993: Sub-leased to Transtar Airlines

16.09.1993: To Christiana Management

????: To FSBU Trustee

26.03.1994: Leased to Sun Country Airlines

10.1994: Re-registred N573SC

01.1998: Broken up in Marana




3 CF6-6D1

Photo by Ken Fielding

Among the first DC-10 aircraft in Europe was Laker's #47. It is seen here on April 17th 1981.

Photo from Taxiways collection

#47 was the oldest of 5 DC-10s operated by Arrow Air.

Photo from A. Köhler Collection

Like #2, also #47 was a "rolling stone" and flew for a lot of carriers. Unfortunatley, the aircraft was broken up. Sun Country Airlines was its last operator.

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