07.03.1973: Assembled in Long Beach

12.04.1973: To Continental Airlines, N68046 (046)

1989: Named (The Hawaiian Islands)

19.06.1989: To Concord Asset Management and leased back to Continental Airlines

01.10.1994: Sub-leased to Continental Micronesia

????: Returned to Continental Airlines and operated for Continental Micronesia

04.03.1999: To The Memphis Group, WFU and stored in Greenwood, MS

12.1999: Broken up in Greenwood, MS

Fuselage is said to be shipped to South Korea in 12/1999 to be used as a restaurant, but never seen




3 CF6-6D

Photo by Tom Vance

#92 on runway 1R at San Francisco

Photo by Michael Carter

The series 10 aircraft were transferred to Continental Micornesia as part of Gordon Bethune's fleet restructuring program. (LAX 04/1997)

Photo by Rob

#92 being broken up in Greenwood, MS

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