20.02.1980: Assembled in Long Beach

12.05.1980: To Western Air Lines (912), N914WA

01.04.1987: Merged into Delta Air Lines (788)

09.09.1988: To Atlantic Business Inc.

24.09.1988: Leased to Scanair

30.11.1988: Re-registred SE-DHU

01.01.1994: Merged into Premiar

15.05.1995: Re-registred, OY-CNU and named (Bamse)

????: To Skan. Luftfartintress. and leased to Premiair

2000: Leaseed to Ryan International and operated for Skyservice USA, N573RY

29.07.2000: Last service for Premiair

31.07.2000: Ferried from Stockholm/Arlanda to Copenhagen

30.08.2000: To Airtours International, G-TAOS

20.12.2000: Delivered to Airtours after repainting in Shannon

29.09.2001: Skidded off runway after landing at London/Luton

01.05.2002: New name: MyTravel

30.09.2003: Last service for MyTravel from Malta to Palma de Mallorca as MYT292

30.09.2003: Ferried to Exeter, WFU and stored

17.01.2004: Ferried to Kemble

11.2004: To Executive Aerospace (Caron), 3D-MRS

2005: WFU and stored in Johannesburg

????: Re-registred ZS-GAS, still stored in Johannesburg




3 CF6-6D1A

Photo by Ralph Kunadt

#318 as OY-CNU in Gran Canaria in January 1999. Note that the colour scheme is similar to Airtours International, a major stockholder of Premiair.

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Photo by Ken Fielding

This was not long after it arrived from Premiair and just before application of Airtours titles (Manchester, October 23rd 2000)

Photo by Marc Bowers

In 2000, #318 was transferred from subsidiary Premiair to Airtours International. Here's the aircraft in Birmingham.

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Photo by Paulo Carvalho

Short after Airtours changed its name to MyTravel, #318 is seen here in Faro in May 2002. Note the hybrid colour scheme!

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