18.01.1974: Assembled in Long Beach

22.01.1974: To Air New Zealand, ZK-NZN

26.11.1978: Leased to Malaysian

16.12.1978: Returned to Air New Zealand

14.04.1981: To ILFC - International Lease and Finance Corporation, N821L

14.04.1981: Leased to Western Airlines (950)

09.1983: Returned to ILFC

21.09.1983: Leased to Air Pacific

28.12.1984: Returned to ILFC

03.11.1985: To American Airlines

02.1985: Re-registred N144AA

13.11.2000: Last service for American Airlines

13.11.2000: WFU and stored in Dallas/Fort Worth

05.12.2000: Ferried to Mojave

Hours / cycles accumulated by 05/12/2000: 103400 / 20297

2002: Used in a TV show "Men vs. Beast"

2002: To GA Telesis for scrapping

2002: Broken up




3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Wolf-Andreas Hahn

N144AA taking off

Photo by Rob

On route from Chicago to Dallas with American Airlines

Photo by Alan Radecki

#136 during its storage time in the Mojave desert. The photo was taken on May 14th 2001

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