17.03.1973: Assembled in Long Beach

20.04.1973: To Alitalia (Michelangelo Bounarotti), I-DYNI

28.12.1982: To Mc Donnell - Douglas

04.1983: Re-registred N3878M

27.04.1984: Leased to Continental Airlines (062)

09.1984: To Wilmington trust Company and leased back to Continental Airlines

03.1985: Re-registred N14062

28.02.1990: To Potomac Capital Investment Corporation and leased to Continental

06.1990: To Wilmington Trust Company and leased back to Continental Airlines

1998: Painted with VASP cs on one side

1999: Back with full Continental colours on both sides

2001: Last service for Continental Airlines

27.09.2001: WFU and stored in Mojave

14.06.2002: Ferried to Roswell for scrapping

2002: Broken up in Roswell, NM




3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Karl-Heinz Beulke Moreno

#94 has been flying for fifteen years for Continental Airlines when this photo was taken in Dusseldorf on May 1st 1999.

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