24.02.1973: Assembled in Long Beach, planned for Atlantis but not taken up, registred for Douglas N54633

08.06.1973: To Air Zaire (Mont Ngaliema), 9Q-CLI

11.1975: Leased to Air Tchad

02.1976: Returned to Air Zaire

18.10.1977: Leased to SABENA

01.12.1977: Returned to Air Zaire

01.1978: Leased to SABENA

03.1978: Returned to Air Zaire

19.02.1979: Leased to SABENA

04.1979: Returned to Air Zaire

02.1986: To Bank Indo-Suez, F-OGQC and leased back to Air Zaire

22.12.1988: To Air Zaire, 9Q-CLI

02.1995: WFU and stored in Tel Aviv

04.2002: Broken up in Tel Aviv




3 CF6-50C

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