1985 - 1989

January 24th 1986FedEx recieves the first DC-10-30F(AF), 48287/ 409.
August 10th 1986American Trans Air's #36 burnt out after an incident with an oxygen generator.
October 1986TOA Domestic Airlines (later Japan Air System) orders two DC-10-30s.
September 1986Thai Airways places an order for three DC-10-30ERs.
January 10th 1987During touch and go - training, the crew of Nigeria Airways' 46968/ 243 loses control of its aircraft.
September 17th 1987#382, an United States Air Force KC-10 burns out in Barksdale, LA.
October 1987Bangladesh Biman Airlines orders a single DC-10-30.
May 21st 1988American Airlines loses 47846/ 69, a DC-10-30.
September 30th 1988The United States Air Force recieves the 60th and last KC-10A.
July 19th 1989United Airlines' 46618/ 118 burns out after a heavy landing in Sioux City. Through a TV-movie of this accident, it becomes one of the most published in civil aviation history. Although 187 people survived this crash, the DC-10s bad publicity rose up again.
July 25th 1989Nigeria Airways recieves 48318/ 446, the last DC-10 to be built.
July 27th 1989Korean Air Lines' 47887/ 125 crashes on short final to Tripoli, Lybia.
September 19th 1989A bomb explodes on board of an UTA DC-10-30 over Niger. The bomb on board 46852/ 125 was most probably put on board by Lybian terrorists during a stop in Brazzaville.

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