1980 - 1984

February 1980The FAA report proves that the Chicago crash was not caused by any eventual deficiencies in the aircraft design..
July 1980Swissair becomes launch costumer of the DC-10-30ER by ordering two of these extended range aircraft.
July 12th 1980The first KC-10A Extender makes its maiden flight.
January 8th 1981The first DC-10-15, 48258/ 346, makes its maiden flight.
February 3rd 1981A Pakistan International DC-10-30 (46935/ 172) burns out in a hangar in Karachi.
March 17th 1981The United States Air Force recieves the first KC-10A.
April 1981Mc Donnell - Douglas leases a Continental Airlines DC-10 to test the first winglets in civil aviation in cooperation with the NASA. 47802/ 101 is the aircraft known as the "DC-10 with winglets".
June 12th 1981The DC-10-15 recieves its FAA flight type certificate.
June 15th 1981Mexicana recieves its first DC-10-15, 48258/ 346.
January 19th 1982The first DC-10-30ER makes it maiden flight.
January 23rd 1982World Airways' 47821/ 320 overshoots Boston's icy runway and crashes into harbour.
February 27th 1982Swissair recieves its first DC-10-30ER.
September 13th 198246962/ 238, a Spantax DC-10-30F(CF), overshoots runway in Malaga and burns out.
September 20th 198248264/ 379 is delivered to United Airlines. This aircraft is not only the 2000th Douglas jet, but also the last DC-10 convertible and the last DC-10-10.
February 1983Ghana Airways orders a single DC-10-30.
November 1983Zambia Airways orders a single DC-10-30.
December 23rd 1983Korean Air Lines's #237 collides with a Piper PA-31 in Achorage, AK.
May 1984FedEx becomes launch costumer for the DC-10-30F(AF) placing an order for 11 aircraft. This includes a single delivery position from a cancelled Egyptair order.

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